11 Sep

Scam City Philippines: The Case of Irene Garcia

We were contacted by a fellow from Australia who wanted us to find out information about Irene Garcia, of Cagayan De Oro, Philippines. Apparently, they had an online relationship and she was currently in the hospital. The question is, was she really in the hospital or is she just another resident of Scam City, Philippines? Continue Reading »

02 Jul

Philippine Private Investigator: Finding Someone in the Philippines

As a Philippine private investigator, I often get inquiries about locating individuals. Sometimes it is a missing person and other times the client just wants to locate an individual for business or personal reasons. In the following case, the client wanted to resolve some past business. Continue Reading »

29 Oct

Private Investigator Infidelity: Did She Have Another Man’s Baby?

One major reason for hiring a private investigator: Infidelity. We had a case a few months ago where the client had heard rumors his wife had a baby. Since he was working abroad and hadn’t been home in more than a year, this would definitely be a problem. Continue Reading »

17 Oct

Philippine Background Check: The Case of Mr. X

If you ever decide you need a Philippine background check, be sure you have accurate information about the subject. Recently, a client contacted PrivateEyePI (Private Investigator Philippines) and asked us to conduct a background check on an individual. Unfortunately, things did not work out as we had hoped. Continue Reading »

04 Oct

Philippine Bar Girls: The Case of Lania Baudacious

Philippine bar girls are the subjects for many private investigation cases. Why? Because many westerners develop relationships with them and, because of the nature of their business, they don’t trust them. An example of this is the case of Ms Baudacious. Continue Reading »

01 Oct

Private Investigator Manila: A Case of MAXimum Attraction

Before moving my office to Mindanao, I was primarily a private investigator (Manila area only). Let’s face it, the National Capital Region is where the action is and where most investigations will take place. One of my first clients in Manila was a female musician that had a crush on a Filipino guy named Max Esposure. Continue Reading »

17 Jul

Philippine Fraud – The Case of Lita Venerreal

Philippine fraud is common. The Philippines is a country with a great deal of poverty and some of the people there will do anything to improve their lives. Many of the attractive females work as bar girls, because the pay is higher than other unskilled labor. Unfortunately, some of these working girls use the ‘working girl’ mentality in their personal lives, as well. One such case is Lita Venerreal. Continue Reading »

23 Feb

Private Investigative Services – Investigating Your Spouse Illegal in Some Countries

private investigative services

Private investigative services illegal in Dubai

DUBAI, UAE and Manila, Philippines – People who have hired private investigative services to check on their spouses know the value of such a service. If you’ve done this, you should consider yourself lucky that you live in a country where such actions are legal. Some countries forbid this practice. Continue Reading »

07 Feb

Private Investigation Firm – Large or Small, Global or Local?

Before you choose a private investigation firm, you should consider several factors. To make an informed decision, you need to know information about who you are hiring. Two of the factors that may help you decide are the size and operating locations of the firm. Here is a guideline that will give you the pros and cons about these two factors. Continue Reading »

31 Jan

New Annulment Bill in Philippines – Private Investigator Services May Flourish

MANILA, Philippines — Private investigator service requirements could be on the rise in the Philipines. Recently, a bill (House Bill 3952) was filed in the House of Representatives seeking an easier way for spouses to file for annulment. If the bill passes, it may increase the need for private investigations. Continue Reading »