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23 Feb

Private Investigative Services – Investigating Your Spouse Illegal in Some Countries

DUBAI, UAE and Manila, Philippines – People who have hired private investigative services to check on their spouses know the value of such a service. If you’ve done this, you should consider yourself lucky that you live in a country where such actions are legal. Some countries forbid this practice.

31 Jan

New Annulment Bill in Philippines – Private Investigator Services May Flourish

MANILA, Philippines — Private investigator service requirements could be on the rise in the Philipines. Recently, a bill (House Bill 3952) was filed in the House of Representatives seeking an easier way for spouses to file for annulment. If the bill passes, it may increase the need for private investigations.

19 Jan

Philippines Background Check – Importance of International Screening in a Global Economy

In todays world, screening of employees internationally is becoming a norm. Many workers have become mobile and have worked in several countries. Many others perform their duties in the virtual world of the internet. For companies who hire Filipinos, a Philippines background check is becoming essential.

09 Dec

Private Investigator Philippines – PrivateEyePI Begins Operations in Manila

Back in 2006, I was in need of a private investigator (Philippines). I was involved in a long distance relationship and was unsure whether I could trust my partner. However, the big question was how could I find an investigator I could trust and afford? This question eventually resulted in the creation of PrivateEyePI in […]