30 Sep

Locate Phone Number, Philippines: Mom and Pop Communication

For this case, our client was another Australian. He had broken up with his Filipina girlfriend a few months ago and, apparently, there were some things still going on between the two. The service he requested from us was to locate phone number, Philippines. He wanted the cell number and other contact details of his ex girlfriend’s mother and father.

This investigation was going to be a bit tricky. Although he provided the address of the girlfriend, he had no idea where the mother was. He also said the father was living in Australia, so the possibility of getting his information was slim. In addition, the girlfriend didn’t want him to contact her parents, so she was keeping a watchful eye on the situation.

Locate Phone Number, Philippines: Case Operations

I dispatched an investigator to the area where the girlfriend lives. Luckily, there was a property nearby that was for rent. The investigator pretended to be interested in the rental property and was able to speak to several people in the area without causing suspicion. The investigator discovered that one of the residents in the building was a fellow Bisayan. Having a common language automatically makes it easier to become familiar and enlist the person’s aid.

Now that the investigator had a local asset, how would she use this person to locate phone number, Philippines? It turns out the asset had a friend who does laundry for the girlfriend’s mother. The investigator asked for a favor and within 30 minutes, the asset returned with the number needed.

As for the father, the only thing we could do was perform investigative research. After several hours, we were able to locate a Facebook account for the father, but no phone number.

Locate Phone Number, Philippines: Case Conclusion

The contact number and Facebook page for the parents were provided to the client. He thanked us for a job well done. What can be learned from this case is that undercover operations can be one of the best ways to get the desired results. If you ever need a phone number from someone in the Philippines, don’t forget to contact PrivateEyePI.

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