21 Sep

People Finder in Philippines: The Case of Grace Pangka

A man from Australia was concerned about his girlfriend. She had received a large sum of money from him to deposit in a local bank. This money was intended to aid in the processing of a visa for her to visit Australia. However, she had to spend $2000, because her father died. Before sending her any more money, he wanted to locate her to see if she is legitimate. So, he contacted the people finder in Philippines, PrivateEyePI.

The client told us that his girlfriend was staying in Manila with her aunt. He wanted us to go to the address provided to verify her story. Before traveling to Manila, we conducted some investigative research of the address and it seemed to be a commercial building. My investigator went to the specified address and could not locate the apartment. The entire building was rented out for office space only.

Now, it is up to the people finder in Philippines to find out the true location of the girl. Obviously, she is not being honest with our client about her location, but where could she be? The Philippines is a large country with more than 90 million people. I gathered the information the client had given me and looked for clues. After several hours of investigative research, I found an online profile that used one of the clues provided. This profile was almost blank, but there were friends listed. While looking at one of the friend’s timelines, BOOM!, the subject appeared in one of the photos. Luckily, the photo was also linked to the subject’s profile. With this new information, we spent a few more hours and were able to determine where the subject was located.

Conclusion: Grace Pangka was a ficticious name. The subject was not even female. She was a ladyboy who lived in Zamboanga City, which is very far from Mania. We actually traveled there and did a bit of undercover work to find out her exact address. The client was happy that we found her and glad he contacted the people finder in Philippines, PrivateEyePI.

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