17 Oct

Philippine Background Check: The Case of Mr. X

If you ever decide you need a Philippine background check, be sure you have accurate information about the subject. Recently, a client contacted PrivateEyePI (Private Investigator Philippines) and asked us to conduct a background check on an individual. Unfortunately, things did not work out as we had hoped.

Philippine Background Check: Case Requirements

A client contacted us to help her locate a gentleman here in the Philippines. She had developed an online relationship with this man and they were communicating almost daily for over three years while he was working in another country. Once he returned to the Philippines, all communications from him stopped.

Case Details

The client provided us with the subject’s full name and date of birth. She also gave us his hometown and the area he claimed he would be living. Unfortunately, she did not have a photo, but she did provide a description of the guy.

Philippine Background Check: Case Operations

The first thing our investigators did was to go to the National Statistics Office (NSO). This office has records on every Filipino citizen. To our surprise, we discovered the subject was not in the database.

Our next move was to conduct specialized online research. Through this method, we were able to find a few potential men, but none of them matched the description of the subject.

In another attempt to locate the subject, we sent an investigator to the area in which he lived. After many negative responses from locals that we interviewed, we concluded the information provided was of little use.

And finally, we used an undercover method to contact the subject through email. However, it appears he had no intention of communicating with anyone using the supplied address.

Case Conclusion

It is near impossible to conduct a Philippine background check without good information. Information is the key to any investigation. In this case, it is likely that the subject had a wife, and possibly children, in the Philippines and he was only using our client as entertainment while he was away from home.

The lesson you can learn from this case is: Contact Private Investigator Philippines (PrivateEyePI) and do a Philippine background check early in the relationship. That way, you are less likely to waste your time on someone who is not who they claim to be.

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