04 Oct

Philippine Bar Girls: The Case of Lania Baudacious

Philippine bar girls are the subjects for many private investigation cases. Why? Because many westerners develop relationships with them and, because of the nature of their business, they don’t trust them. An example of this is the case of Ms Baudacious.

Are All Philippine Bar Girls Alike?

This case involved a previous client of PrivateEyePI. In the earlier case, his ex-bargirl romantic interest turned out to be a scammer. Therefore, he hired us a second time to determine if his new girlfriend was being truthful with him. He learned that investigating early is a smart move, rather than waiting until he invests more into the relationship.

Case Requirements

Find out background information about Lania and determine if she is still working in the bars. The client provided the names of five establishments in which she would be working and the name of one of the Philippine bar girls that could verify if she has been around.

Case Operations

Our investigators traveled to all five bars and conducted undercover operations. They pretended to be customers and tried to find Ms Baudacious at each one of the hooker bars. Just to be sure, the investigation was done on a Friday and Saturday night, because those are the most productive nights for Philippine bar girls. On one night in a particular bar, the operatives were able to find the ‘informant’ bar girl and interview her.

Case Conclusion

This case has a happy ending for the client. His new girlfriend was not found at any of the bars and the informant said she had not seen Lania in over two months. We also checked her background and there was absolutely nothing negative to report. It turns out she only worked at the bars for a very short time and was just desperate to earn money for her family.

What you can learn from this is that not all Philippine bar girls are out to scam you. You can actually find one that is honest and wants to have a true relationship. However, if you are wise you will hire a private investigator Philippines to check her out, just to be on the safe side.

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