17 Jul

Philippine Fraud – The Case of Lita Venerreal

Philippine fraud is common. The Philippines is a country with a great deal of poverty and some of the people there will do anything to improve their lives. Many of the attractive females work as bar girls, because the pay is higher than other unskilled labor. Unfortunately, some of these working girls use the ‘working girl’ mentality in their personal lives, as well. One such case is Lita Venerreal.

Case Background: We were contacted by a business man from Arizona who suspected that his new girlfriend, Ms Venerreal, was committing Philippine fraud. He had met her in a bar in Makati four months before and a relationship developed. The agreement they came to was that she would stop working in bars and he would support her by sending her $600 per month. He was also sending her to an English language course to improve her language skills. As things progressed, he promised her they would be married and she would move to the US.

Case Developments: There were some events that happened causing the client to be concerned about Philippine fraud. Ms Venerreal wasn’t available to communicate on several occasions and didn’t have a convincing explanation why. She also asked for funds to pay for a school uniform, late payments for electricity, and a hospital bill. The client was concerned that these requirements may have been fraudulent.

Case Requirements: PrivateEyePI (private investigator Philippines) was asked to do the following:

1. Check three specific bars in Makati to see if she has been working at any of them.
2. Perform surveillance of her residence to see if she is, in fact, attending school (in uniform).
3. Verify a power outtage on a specific day she had used as an excuse for no communications.

Philippine Fraud: The Real Truth

Case Operations: One of our private investigators went to the three bars to verify that she had not been working. As it turns out, one of the bars was no longer in business and workers at the other two stated she had not worked there for several months. However, the bar owner mentioned that on her last day of work, she was picked up by her boyfriend. This was an interesting, and surprising, piece of news for the client.

The next day, the investigator positioned himself outside her residence to determine if she was attending school. She never left for school that day, so the investigator performed interviews of several residents of the area to verify the power outtage from two days earlier. There was no outtage.

More Case Developments: Upon being informed about our findings, the client decided to give his girlfriend a final ‘Philippine fraud’ test. She was demanding money for the hospital bill (a CAT scan for $500). He told her he wasn’t going to pay it unless he had proof. Within 2 hours, his girlfriend sent him a fax of the bill from the hospital and, therefore, he decided she was telling the truth.

We, PrivateEyePI, asked him to forward the bill to us so we could take a look at it. Upon first glance, the bill seemed to be legitimate. However, there were a few small details that made it appear suspicious. The hospital was a well known medical facility here in the Manila area. We called them and found out the bill had to be a fake, because they had no medical branch in the city specified on the document.

Case Conclusion: Ms Venerreal was guilty of Philippine fraud and was trying to ‘milk’ as much money as she could from the client. In this case, the client saved $500, but this amount would have undoubtedly grown over time due to the subject making more fraudulent claims. If you are concerned about fraud in the Philippines, contact PrivateEyePI.

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