02 Jul

Philippine Private Investigator: Finding Someone in the Philippines

As a Philippine private investigator, I often get inquiries about locating individuals. Sometimes it is a missing person and other times the client just wants to locate an individual for business or personal reasons. In the following case, the client wanted to resolve some past business.

Philippine Private Investigator: The Case of Sonia Callebra

We were contacted by a client in Manila who was looking for Ms Callebra in regards to some land deals that took place in the 90s. According to the client, Ms Callebra is a former director in a government office here in Cagayan De Oro. She sold some land to the client’s parents and now they needed the paperwork to be changed in order to save thousands of Pesos in documentation fees. All the client needed was a way to contact Ms Callebra.

This case seemed very simple. We already had a great lead to follow and should have been able to solve the case in one afternoon. However, it turned out the client had faulty information.

Philippine Private Investigator: Sonia Callebra Case Operations

Naturally, our first action was to go to the government office where she was once the director. After speaking with the current director and the administration staff, it was discovered that Ms Callebra was never a part of that organization. This fact was going to make the case much more difficult, but our client was depending on us.

At this point, we made an assumption that Ms Callebra must have been connected with some other government office. Therefore, investigators began visiting other offices in the city. Since the organization was related to agriculture, we decided to visit those offices first. After speaking to numerous people, we discovered there is a Sonia Callebra who is currently regional director for a different department and in a different city. So, if this is the person we are looking for, the client also gave us the wrong city.

Philippine Private Investigator: Sonia Callebra Conclusion

We called Sonia Callebra and spoke with her about the land transactions. She said she remembers those transactions and she would be happy to help out the client. We passed on the information to the client and the case was solved.

If you ever hire a Philippine private investigator, you should ensure the information you provide is as accurate as possible. This is especially important for cases that are of an urgent nature.

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