19 Jan

Philippines Background Check – Importance of International Screening in a Global Economy

In todays world, screening of employees internationally is becoming a norm. Many workers have become mobile and have worked in several countries. Many others perform their duties in the virtual world of the internet. For companies who hire Filipinos, a Philippines background check is becoming essential.

Companies in the US recognize the importance of screening new hires. This process is vital to aid in the avoidance of lawsuits due to wrongful hiring (some candidates are unfit, unqualified, or even dangerous).

The use of international workers has increased and a large number of those employees are Filipinos. Therefore, many more companies are finding themselves in need of a Philippines background check. Although the Philippines is the source of a large number of these international employees, many other countries contribute to the rise in international screening. As a matter of fact, screening of international employees is listed as one of the top five trends in background screening for the coming decade (according to Employment Screening Resources).

Even though many countries are involved, it is simpler to focus on one country to discuss the trend. The remainder of this news article will focus on the Philippines.

Why one might need a Philippines background check for employment?

  1. As of 2009, there are almost 2 million Filipinos living in the US.
  2. Many U.S. citizens have spent considerable time in the Philippines.
  3. Thousands of Filipinos work online.

What records should you have checked (at a minimum)?

  • Employment (employee resume may include fake work data)
  • Education (ensure schools and degrees are legitimate)
  • Criminal

What special challenges might you face?

When an employer conducts a Philippines background check, there are several issues that must be considered. Public records are not as readily available as in the US. There are different laws, customs, and procedures. Here is a list of challenges:

  1. Public records are not as easy to obtain and in some cases, do not exist.
  2. Language barriers.
  3. Cost of communications.
  4. Numerous holidays (offices closed for business).
  5. Costs may be higher.
  6. High risk of fraud.
  7. Difference in legal system.
  8. Time difference.

How can one resolve these issues and obtain a Philippines background check?

Many employers have decided not to conduct background screening on Filipinos. They believe a Philippines background check to be too difficult because of the many challenges they must overcome. These challenges, however, do not relieve a company from the requirement of screening their employees. There are several methods one may use to conduct a background screening. The two best methods are to hire a trusted private investigator or an international screening company. These companies can be found on the internet or through other advertising media. If you are an employer, be sure to do your due dilligence on your foreign born employees.

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