31 Jan

New Annulment Bill in Philippines – Private Investigator Services May Flourish

MANILA, Philippines — Private investigator service requirements could be on the rise in the Philipines. Recently, a bill (House Bill 3952) was filed in the House of Representatives seeking an easier way for spouses to file for annulment. If the bill passes, it may increase the need for private investigations.

High Cost of Annulment

Under current law, married people can be granted annulment if they can prove their spouse to have psychological incapacity. This can be expensive and difficult to prove due to the costs of psychiatrists, psychologists and lawyers. However, those costs could be reduced or negated due to the new bill. This is because the new bill proposes abandonment, spousal violence, and infidelity as grounds for annulment, as well.

This could be good news for any Philippines private investigator, because those reasons will likely have to be proven by the filer. Conducting a private investigation may be the only way a spouse can prove infidelity, since those who commit this act are normally very secretive about it.

Judge Discretion

Another issue the bill hopes to alleviate is that of judges throwing out cases due to their discretionary power. Some judges will rule against a clinical phychiatrist’s opinion due to moral reasons. With the new measure, it should be easier to have evidence that will back up the filer’s claim and, therefore, prevent judges from arbitrary dismissal.

Lengthy Process

Annulment cases in the Philippines can take a very long time. As a Philippines private investigator, it is my opinion the new bill, if enacted, will greatly shorten the process for many cases. In the case of infidelity, for example, one should only need to have photo evidence of the misconduct. Once it is proven, the annulment should be granted in a reasonably short time.

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3 Responses to “New Annulment Bill in Philippines – Private Investigator Services May Flourish”

  1. Versie Taylor Says:

    Private Investigators did flourish here in New York but mostly because people are skeptical about hiring people that might be ex-convicts. Employers hire private investigators new york city and do background checks on their future employees. Most of them lie on their resume about their criminal files (if any) so this way is better.

  2. anna Says:

    how long this new bill effect or aproved?

  3. PrivateEyePI Says:

    Hello Anna,

    I’m sorry, but I don’t know all the details about the bill. I posted this news article to make people aware of how the new bill might affect private investigations. Try searching Google or Yahoo news in the Philippines and you may find what you need.

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