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Private Detective Philippines – The Case of Maria C Valenzuela

In April of 2010, PrivateEyePI (Private Detective Philippines) was contacted by a German National. He was suspicious that his girlfriend, Ms Maria Valenzuela, was doing something sneaky and he wanted us to verify her faithfulness. The details of the case follow.

Private Detective Philippines: Case Information

Ms Valenzuela was attending a course in Makati and she would normally travel to her family home on the weekends. Lately, however, she began staying in the Manila area during the weekends without giving the client a good reason. Because of this, the client decided to hire us to observe her activity for a day.

Private Detective Philippines: Case Preparation

PrivateEyePI operatives completed a site survey of the subject’s school and dormitory. They did this to determine the difficulty of a surveillance operation. For this case, the client wanted his girlfriend to be followed from school to see where she went. He was also interested in her internet usage.

Private Detective Philippines: Case Process

Operatives followed the subject from school on Day 1. She went out with her classmates to have lunch at a local restuarant. Two hours later, she returned with some classmates to the dormitory. Operatives continued to observe her dormitory residence for the rest of the day. One operative periodically visited the internet cafe on the premises to see if Ms. Valenzuela was inside using the internet.

Private Detective Philippines: Case Results

PrivateEyePI sent a case report and videos to the client. The report explained to the client that no negative activity was observed. In our opinion, however, it is difficult to prove fidelity through one day of surveillance. This case is now closed.

* Please be aware that names used are ficticious to protect clients and subjects. This is true for all sample cases here on the site.

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