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Private Investigation Firm – Large or Small, Global or Local?

Before you choose a private investigation firm, you should consider several factors. To make an informed decision, you need to know information about who you are hiring. Two of the factors that may help you decide are the size and operating locations of the firm. Here is a guideline that will give you the pros and cons about these two factors.

Size of Firm:

Is it better to hire a large private investigation firm or a small one? This depends on the nature of your investigation. Here are some things to consider when deciding the size of firm you want to enlist.

Resources- Large firms will normally have more resources than small ones. If your particular job requires a great deal of information to be found in a short period of time, a large firm is a better choice.

Personalized Service- A small private investigation firm will normally be more personable with the client. This is because investigators in small firms are usually owners or part owners of the business and put more of themselves into customer satisfaction.

Costs- It is difficult to say whether large or small firms are more reasonable with their fees. One thing to consider is that large firms tend to have very high overhead costs and they also tend to pass those on to the clients.

Experience Levels- While a small private investigation firm may have two or three experienced investigators, large firms may have quite a few newly hired investigators to keep up with work load. Also, because more training is usually available with large firms, the turnover rate is higher. Newly hired detectives will join the firm to get trained and then leave for ‘greener pastures’.

Operating Locations (Scope):

Should you hire a firm that operates locally or globally? Consider these before you decide.

Scope of Investigation- If your investigation will involve several locations, it may be wise to hire a global firm. This should keep your costs lower since the global private investigation firm has a larger reach, which should keep transportation expenses lower.

Outsourcing- Contrary to the above statement, one disadvantage of global firms is that of outsourcing. If your investigation is confined to one general area, it is best to hire investigators in that local area (regardless of size). One reason is that firms who outsource, or subcontract, will charge you more to cover their profits. You could have hired those same subcontracted investigators for much less.

In summary, the best private investigation firm for your job will depend on the job itself. Use this guideline before you make your next decision.

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