23 Feb

Private Investigative Services – Investigating Your Spouse Illegal in Some Countries

private investigative services

Private investigative services illegal in Dubai

DUBAI, UAE and Manila, Philippines – People who have hired private investigative services to check on their spouses know the value of such a service. If you’ve done this, you should consider yourself lucky that you live in a country where such actions are legal. Some countries forbid this practice.

One such country is the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai, a private investigator can be arrested for conducting spousal investigations. According to a senior police official, detectives can be charged for taking photos without the individual’s consent. He added that the charges could escalate and even include blackmail.

“Private investigation companies are not licensed and are not allowed to operate in the country,” he said. “Anyone caught doing so is breaking the law. Anyone who discovers that they are being monitored by someone can file a case and we will take the necessary action against that person.”

Even with such risks to the investigator, private investigative services are increasing there due to a high demand by Emirati women seeking evidence against their husbands. Investigators will take the risks because many of them can charge very high fees. And, as the saying goes, high risk, high reward.

There are a few international investigative firms that operate in Dubai and they claim it is an extremely lucrative business. When asked if he has a presence in the UAE, a local investigator here in the Philippines said “No, it’s not worth the risk. I don’t want to take the chance my operatives will get arrested. I’ll focus my business here in the Philippines where it is safe and legal.”

One could question the motives behind the illegality of private investigative services in Dubai. Could the law be based on religious views? Or, could it just be old fashioned male chauvanism? The fact is, almost all Emiratis who hire investigators are women. So, does the law exist in the UAE because men want it to?

Whatever the reason for the law, it does exist and should be considered when conducting business or personal relations in the UAE. In other words, if you ever need private investigative services in Dubai, be prepared for inflated prices.

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