29 Oct

Private Investigator Infidelity: Did She Have Another Man’s Baby?

One major reason for hiring a private investigator: Infidelity. We had a case a few months ago where the client had heard rumors his wife had a baby. Since he was working abroad and hadn’t been home in more than a year, this would definitely be a problem.

Private Investigator Infidelity: Case Details

A client contacted us and asked us to provide proof that his wife had recently given birth. He wanted photographic evidence so he could use it to file for divorce. We were given an address where she was supposedly living and a few other bits of information. But one thing he did not tell us is that his wife was so determined to keep things secret, that she would do so at all costs. The fact is, she needed the secrecy to ensure she would continue to receive support from him.

Private Investigator Infidelity: Case Operations

Investigators proceeded to the village where the subject lived. They had a difficult time locating the address, which is common here in the Philippines. The investigators ended up asking a pedicab driver and he motioned them in the correct direction. However, it turned out the driver was friends with the family, because when they arrived at the site, there were several people waiting for them. The investigators left the area and some of those people followed them. After contacting the head office, they were told to abort the operation.

Investigations in the Philippines can be very dangerous. In this case, it was determined that the investigators may have come to harm, so the only smart move was to cancel. The following day, they decided to make another attempt, but it ended in the same fashion.

The next move: With the proper records checks by the private investigator, infidelity could be proven. Therefore, they went to the National Statistics Office to check the records of the subject. Unfortunately, there was no record of her giving birth this year. Therefore, she either did not give birth or she used a fake name for the records.

Private Investigator Infidelity: Case Conclusion

This was a dangerous and difficult case. No proof was found to support the client’s suspicions. It was recommended to the client that he should visit the Philippines himself to solve this case. But, perhaps he should take a police officer along for safety.

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