01 Oct

Private Investigator Manila: A Case of MAXimum Attraction

Before moving my office to Mindanao, I was primarily a private investigator (Manila area only). Let’s face it, the National Capital Region is where the action is and where most investigations will take place. One of my first clients in Manila was a female musician that had a crush on a Filipino guy named Max Esposure.

The client contacted us and asked if we could follow Mr. Esposure, because she wanted photos and video of him. It turns out that Max is quite the private character and doesn’t share information with many people. He lives in a very guarded community and may be difficult to observe.

Private Investigator Manila: Opportunity Knocks

We found out through rigorous research that Mr. Esposure would be attending a function at one of the universities in the city. Perhaps this could be a golden opportunity to get those shots for the client. Unfortunately, when the investigator went to the function, he was informed the event was only for students. Therefore, he waited until the function ended and followed Max on foot, taking as many candid shots as possible until Max and his companion disappeared into their sanctuary.

The second and final day of the function proved to be more rewarding for the Private Investigator Manila. That is because he went to the function early and spoke with an official about attending. It turns out they were happy to have an outsider there. Throughout the event the investigator was able to get many photos and several videos of our man Max. And the beautiful part was, the event itself made the picture taking seem natural.

Private Investigator Manila: Closed Case

The client received our final report and all the photos and video. She was extremely pleased and mentioned she would probably hire us again for more of the same.

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