09 Dec

Private Investigator Philippines – PrivateEyePI Begins Operations in Manila

Back in 2006, I was in need of a private investigator (Philippines). I was involved in a long distance relationship and was unsure whether I could trust my partner. However, the big question was how could I find an investigator I could trust and afford? This question eventually resulted in the creation of PrivateEyePI in early 2008.

Having moved to the Philippines in 2007, I decided I could use my background in military intelligence and private security services to help those in need. PrivateEyePI (private investigator Philippines) was created to assist foreign clients in finding out the truth in regards to business and romantic relationships here in the Philippines.

Private Investigator Philippines: From Nothing to a Booming Business

Just like any new business, things started slowly. However, over the years the number of clients grew. We developed relationships with several local contacts and we honed our skills. The number of cases solved has grown each year and we are looking forward to better years ahead.

As we prepare to start our fourth year in business, we have decided to update our motto. PrivateEyePI (private investigator Philippines) has always been discreet, honest, and reasonable. But, there are two words missing from that motto and they are important, indeed. We are also professional and caring. Not only do we deal with each case in a professional manner, we also care about our clients. One primary reason we care is that I can empathize with the clients since I have been there, myself.

In 2010, the main office of PrivateEyePI (private investigator Philippines) moved to Mindanao. However, the service is provided throughout the Philippine Islands. To anyone interested in conducting an investigation in this country, be sure to contact us for a free quote.

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