27 Jan

Private Investigator Rates – What are Normal Fees for Detectives in the Philippines

If you ever have the need to investigate someone in the Philippines, you’ll want to know what to expect in regards to private investigator rates. Of course, rates will vary depending on many factors, but here is a simple guideline to help give you an idea of what you might spend. For each cost, we will include recommendations that may assist you.

Upfront Fees

Most investigators will charge some type of fee before the case begins. It could be a retainer fee (to retain their services) or it might be a percentage of the amount quoted. Some investigators will request the entire fee at the start of the case. They do this to protect themselves from clients that may not pay. We recommend you pay no more than one day’s fees upfront, because not all investigators are legitimate. Have them show proof they are working before paying more fees.

Flat Fee Services

The private investigator rates for flat fee services can vary greatly and most investigators here don’t advertise their rates. Services such as records checks or phone verifications could be good candidates for these types of fees, but it has been my experience that many agencies in the Philippines charge different rates based on how much they think the client will spend. I know one PI here that offered a records check for $350, but increased it to $650 when he realized the client was well off. Records checks are more complicated here than in the US, but our recommendation is that you shouldn’t pay more than $300 for this service.

Hourly Rates

One would think that private investigator rates per hour would be fairly low here in the Philippines. However, that isn’t true. I have done a survey of 70 Filipino Private Investigators and the average hourly rate is over $45. Although international investigators who operate in the Philippines average a higher rate (over $60), the rate of 45 dollars per hour still seems a bit excessive. We recommend you pay no more than $25 per hour, because the cost of labor here is less than in western countries.


Usually, when you are given private investigator rates here in the Philippines, expenses are not included. Be aware these expenses can escalate quickly, depending on the job. While some expenses may be less here than in the US, gasoline prices are higher. My recommendation is that you ask for an estimate for expenses so you’ll have an idea of how much your total outlay will be. You might even ask if the investigator will cap expenses at a certain level. Some investigators, such as PrivateEyePI, will include expenses in the job quote.

The next time you consider hiring an investigator in the Philippines, please come back here and read these tips about private investigator rates. I hope they will help you in deciding which path to take.

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  1. Tornes Says:

    Thanks for this info. It’s really informative. I’ve been doing research on P.I ‘s . because I plan to hire one for my personal reason.

    Thanks again, your tips on hiring a P.I really helps me a lot.

  2. PrivateEyePI Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you found this resource helpful.

  3. Jake Worthing Says:

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  4. Asset Tracing Says:

    Thank you for the information.
    Private investigator not only investigate but also they are risking their life to give accurate and reliable result to their client.

  5. Anna Liza Espiritu Says:

    Im just a plain housewife and my husband is just a dental representative…low income earner…im suspected my husband having an affair…i would like to get a proof or evidence…my friends keeps on telling me hire an investigator…im on a budget…i hope you could help me…i would like how much do i need…yung pinakamura maibigay nyo …please help me.

  6. Mystarangel2007 Says:

    Thank you for the tips…I am planning to hire P.I. for personal reasons but i was really shock when i saw the rates…Well, i will try to call one of the Detective agency for more info..Once again, thank you…

  7. PrivateEyePI Says:

    Thanks for the inquiry, Anna. The cost of an investigation depends on several factors (resources required, expenses, and time it takes to complete). Please click on the contact us tab or the free quote tab above. When you get to the page, send us a message with more details about the case and we will provide you a quote. Thank you.

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