11 Sep

Scam City Philippines: The Case of Irene Garcia

We were contacted by a fellow from Australia who wanted us to find out information about Irene Garcia, of Cagayan De Oro, Philippines. Apparently, they had an online relationship and she was currently in the hospital. The question is, was she really in the hospital or is she just another resident of Scam City, Philippines?

Case Details: The story, as explained to us, is that Garcia was very ill and could not communicate with our client. A friend of hers had contacted him and requested that he pay the hospital bill for Garcia. The client provided us with her current address and the name of the hospital, so it shouldn’t be very difficult to verify this information.

Case Operations: Addresses in the Philippines can be very difficult to find. The only explanation I can see for how awful the addressing system is in this country is that their city planners must be drunk all day. We spent almost the entire day looking and finally found the place. Interviews with people in the neighborhood proved to be very helpful. It turns out, none of them had ever heard of Garcia, but they did know the friend. Ah ha, so it is a very big possiblity that Garcia does, in fact, live in Scam City, Philippines.

Our next mission was to find the hospital to see if Garcia was actually admitted there. We traveled to the address and there wasn’t a hospital in the entire block. Just to be sure, we contacted several officials and even conducted an internet search, but it appears the specified hospital was a figment of someone’s imagination.

Case Conclusion: We contacted the client and presented our findings. He was appreciative of our work but was sad to find out Garcia was living in Scam City, Philippines. He said that next time, he would contact us before sending any money to anyone here.

Note: Scam City, Philippines is a fictional place. It was used as a symbol to represent the fact that Irene Garcia does not even exist. Her friend created her identity to commit fraud against our client. To anyone reading this, before you send money to someone in the Philippines that you have not met, you may want to contact someone like PrivateEyePI.

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