Matrimonial Investigation – Investigate a spouse to determine honesty and fidelity.

Premarital/Online Dating Investigation – Verify identity and fidelity of online girlfriends.

Property Verification – Verify the condition and ownership of properties in the Philippines (normally done for individuals looking to purchase a property).

Fraud Investigation – Verify the legitimacy of a business or individual.

Missing Person Investigation – Locate individuals in the Philippines.

Employment Verification – Verify current and historical employment of an individual.

Personal Protection – Provide bodyguard/escort service for visitors to the country.

General Investigations – Other investigations not included above.

Methods of operation:

Before we begin any of the investigations listed above, we devise a strategy for completing them successfully. Based on our experiences and the desires of our client, we may use any of the following methods to get the job done.

Background Checks and Records Checks – Verifying an individual, business, or property through public and government records.

Undercover Operations – Gaining information by using false pretences. This can be necessary in many cases to ensure discretion.

Surveillance Operations – Discreetly observing the movements of a subject. This method may include photographic and video evidence when necessary.

Personal Security – Performing bodyguard duties.

Interviews – Performing discreet interviews to uncover information that will prove helpful to the case.

Documenting and Reporting – Thoroughly document actions during an investigation and reporting the findings to the client.

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