Below, you can see comments made by clients of PrivateEyePI:

This was my only time to use such a service and I was very pleased. AJ stayed in contact with me constantly updating information or accepting updates from me and rescheduled the work I wanted done since my finacee’s schedule changed. They did a difficult job due to the cluster of homes and the location. The news they gave me assured me I had nothing to worry about. Very professional and the price was the best.
HH, Texas

I contacted A.J. about an issue with my girlfriend in manila. The issue was resolved before A.J. could get to work, but he was quiet helpful and a reasonable guy. I would recomend him to anyone. Thank you A.J.
RTB, California

Thanks for everything, I am very happy she has given me good information so far, and it seems like your investigators did not get the feeling of anything wrong when they were visiting.
TF, North Carolina

Hi A J, I really appreciate your help and honesty. This is why I am talking to you. You sound like a decent person and it is nice to know I have someone whom I can trust over there.
SC, Spain

First of all,, I want to thank you for all u have done,,, I like your Professionalism. I dont know for sure if she went to shoot pool,,, I know that she was supossed to go. I do realize these missions can be very difficult and sometimes dangerous. I appreciate your Honesty regarding this case.
JM, Michigan

I’m very pleased with the efforts of you and your agents- thank them for me…having seen how careful and discreet your work is, and how easy it makes it that you are American, I’d love to continue with you and your agents.
BP, Philippines

AJ, Thanks for that. I am very relieved she’s ok and that I have her new number.
PO, United Kingdom

I’m so glad guys like u are out there to protect us! Everything is cleared now. Thanks for your effort!
JVM, Belgium

Thank You AJ,, you have been a great help and very very helpful and i appreciate all that you have done trying to help and please us.
ER, Michigan

Excellent job. Very professional service. Reasonable price. Highly recommend. Thanks!
JS, Texas

Thanks a lot! :)
CJ, Philippines

Thank you very much for your time, I will return to you next time Im in need of a PI.
TV, Denmark

Thank you for your diligence. Again, I am not sure what direction I am going to go with this but I do appreciate your efforts and concerns.
TH, Florida

Thanks again!
HF, Arizona

You were absolutely right when you told me that other “Private Eye” services in the Philippines left something to be desired. I have been trying to find someone to continue my visual contact with my subject, but haven’t found any service that is reliable and conscientious. You did such an impressive and professional job for me in Manila that time.
BP, New York

AJ, I have received your reports. You have been brilliant. I will be in touch once i have digested them. You will get a bonus and your feedback report will be the best. Thank you very much for your superb turn around on this project. you have restored my faith in doing business over the net…in view of the excellent and prompt work you have done for me I am more than happy to let you give out my email address to anybody that needs a referral. Just to let you know that your prompt action/services has just saved me £3,000 stolen from my bank account. It was uncovered in time and the money returned to my bank account! Once again, thank you.
AC, United Kingdom

Hi AJ, You guys did a great job and I’m very grateful for the info and photos… Again, thanks for your work, it’s much appreciated.
BP, Philippines

I was trying to find contact information for someone I really wanted to see again. I had very limited information on this person but decided to try to see if I could get help finding him and, of course, a fair price. I was very happy to find AJ. Not only did he offer a much lower price than everyone else…(he also did the work and said I would) only pay if he was successful. He was quick, found the right person, and at the end only charged me half of what we originally discussed. All this knowing how much competitors were willing to charge me. Service was great, as he kept in touch the full time. I am very happy to have worked with him. Highly recommended.
MA, California

I want to thank you for the exellent job you did for me, and bringing out the truth in the matter. It saved me both money and grief. Your report and pictures were excellent and very thorough and your fees very reasonable for the work you did. Thanks again for a job well done.
MT, Minn

I would like to thank you for your help and your hard work on your research.
AB, Canada

I am happy with the job that you have done so far. I am happy with the lay out of the report and the sharp information. I have passed on information to my customer… will wait and see what he has to say…. the customer is also happy with the work.
PSD, Thailand

Correct guy. Thanks!
MB, Canada

I sincerely appreciate all your work so far AJ!  Thanks truely.
TR, Texas

Your services, were excellant, thank you to you and your staff. If I have the need, I will use you again, certainly if there was a need, I would recommend you to anyone else.
GW, Qatar

Thank you so much for this good investigation being managed by your own person. I’m really thankful because you assure me that I have made the right decision. Thank you so much for this really good performance AJ; I didn’t want open my eyes even if I had so many doubts. Now that’s clear in my mind.
DP, France

Thanks for your quick and efficient service. Thanks again for drawing this to a conclusion.
DH, Ohio

You did a perfect job. Thank you.
DM, Texas

AJ you were my eyes when I was blind. Your approach is fast but thorough, honest and professional. Your people show flexibility and inventivity and don’t just stay put safely in their cars with their cameras when the case demands more than that. Also reasonable rates and good communication before, during and after the inquiries. The results were what I feared but you saved me from much bigger damage. Highly recommended.
FG, Spain

AJ, Hi, I have been in shock for a couple of days. I couldn’t believe that I could have been fooled so easily. Life is still full of surprises. Thanks again for the work you did. I will highly recommend you to anyone in your part of the world. You were very efficient and honest. Thanks again.
RH, Oregon

AJ, I leave with a broken heart and much crying. I will forever be indebted for what you did. Words can’t express how much I appreciate what you did. If you ever need references, please put me at the top of your list.
RB, Oklahoma

Thank you very very very much for the effort.
KD, Philippines

…in reading your report and the rest of her message that claims she is still there and NOT in General Santos, I’m cutting communication with her. I thank you for helping me with this.
MM, Washington

I appreciate your work, honesty, and understanding in handling my case. You and your investigator were put in a somewhat tough case because of what I was asking for. It is hard to go in and talk to people in that environment and illicit the information I was asking for. Thank You, and I will keep you at the top of my list for future work that may ever be needed.

Thank you very much for all the information…(appreciate) all your hard work.

Thank you for your assistance in the matter. Well Done.
PD, Australia

Thanks for the help.
JL, Philippines

No revelations at all is in fact for me the the most felicitous outcome of a background check, so thank you very much for making a serious probe into this.
AR, Norway

Firstly, thank you very much for doing this. I really appreciate it.
SB, Australia

Thank you for your help.
JS, Australia

Thanks for all your help AJ.
JA, Australia

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